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Fijian Kava


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This Fijian Kava, made for us at Ohana Kava Bar in Colorado Springs, is one of the most delightful premium kava products available. We consider it to be liquid sunshine or even mermaid juice.  

Add 6 grams of kava per 4oz. of water into a strainer bag, knead for 3-5 minutes in a bowl of water, squeeze the kava until it is dry, drink and sit back and relax! 

If you are not in Colorado Springs, no worries, you can order our world-famous Kava products nationally through our online store 

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Weight 240 g
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5 reviews for Fijian Kava

  1. Clare

    Fijian is my favorite form of traditional. I really like how refreshing it is and the feeling of ease it provides. Great alternative to a beer at the end of the day.

  2. Josh C

    This is some of the best Fiji I’ve ever had. Ohana makes some amazing products. 10/10!!

  3. Jason

    Delicious 😋. Would buy again!

  4. Max

    Tastes clean, pure and untainted like many other kavas we’ve tried – no weird feelings or taste.

    Ordering more now!

  5. JA

    By far my favorite kava. Great mild flavor and I love the easy sociable feeling of the Fijian.

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