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About Ohana Kava Bar

Ohana, meaning family, is a new kind of bar where friends and strangers gather and form lifelong relationships. We serve Kava, Kombucha and loose leaf tea. Kava is known as Awa or Piper Methtysticum which translates to “intoxicating pepper“, is a root from the south pacific that creates a sense of wellbeing, euphoria and increases social ability. Kava is typically consumed in the evening with friends and family. Having a desire to create a sanctuary where friends become family, where ideas flow, artists of all types find inspiration and we all come together as a community. I bring to you Ohana Kava Bar.

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I stopped by here on a walk and was pleasantly surprised that Ohana provided great customer service, a chill atmosphere, and good drinks 🙂 10/10 would recommend to any adult. Exotic drinks as well as good coffee btw

Robert Abbott

Everyone I've met in Ohana Kava, staff and costumers, have been fricken awesome. I've always had a good time when I come here, and it's hard not to with such a chill vibe.

Baemon Parker

Kava is definitely an aquired taste. We tried a variety of different traditional and non traditional kava beverages. The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable about the whole process. We came to listen to Ryan Flores play guitar and enjoyed the atmosphere and original beverages. Will come back again.

Scott Layman

Great atmosphere and the staff were very friendly and welcoming to first timers. The Kava Lemonade was very good, delightful fruity taste with a little bitter after taste. Made our tongues tingle a little which was pretty cool. Definitely come check this place out!

Bob Dylan

Kava is a unique experience that everyone should try. It has an inverse tolerance effect, meaning the more you drink over time, the less tolerant you become. The staff is super friendly, and really good at educating newcomers. The taste is a bit of an acquired taste, but they can make it a lot easier in the various forms they offer it. Beware, don't drink alcohol too! The worst I have I ever been sick from drinking was when I had Kava while drunk from Vodka. Only do one!

Macarius Katreeb

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