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Featured Kava Products

  • Fijian Kava
  • Vanuatu Kava
  • Instant Kava

Featured Kava Drinks

  • The Kraken
    Our most popular drink. Great for first timers & experienced Kava drinkers alike.
  • The Siren
    The half Kraken combined with a traditional single! It's not quite as intense as the Kraken, but will definitely get you started!
  • Maui Mule
    $11 - $15
    Our take on the classic Moscow Mule. Ginger kombucha, and lime! Choose a mango or tropical tumeric Kava shot!
    $2 - $12
    True Lemonade sweetened with Stevia. Add tiki flavor,jalapeño, habanero, strawberry, mango, lavender OR make a combo! Choose a mango or tropical tumeric Kava shot!
  • Purps McGurps
    A delicious, slightly fizzy drink made with Indian Warrior, an herb that relaxes the mind and the muscles.
  • Longboarder Brew
    $7 | Growler - New $23 Refill $17
    This is what we drink on surf trips! A delicious Yerba Mate drink with Indo Tea, lightly sweetened with natural pineapple and mango juice!
  • Nitro Coffee
    Heavenly Coffee. Air roasted, Ethopian, Yugachefe. Cold Brew. Ask for coconut or oat milk. Add chocolate, vanilla, coconut flavor and more!
  • Taste of Paste
    $4.00 | Jar to go $20.00
    Lemon, honey, kava concentrate absorbed under the tounge. Kicks in quick!

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