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Non Kava Drinks


  • Hot Chocolate
    Add spicy or sweet with jalapeno or vanilla. Made with Lakanto’s vegan friendly drink mixes.
  • Premium Loose Leaf Tea
    $3 - $5
    Sea Tea Menu. To-go tins available, prices vary. Items to go: Steeping Mug 16oz - $25, Cups 10oz - $21, Ohana Kava Mug - $11, Leaf Steeper - $6
  • Kombucha on Tap
    A healthy alternative to soda! Lightly sweetened and delicious. Several brands and multiple flavors on TAP! +See "What is Kombucha" below for more information.
  • Longboarders Brew
    This is what we drink on surf trips! A delicious Yerba Mate drink with Indo Tea, lightly sweetened with natural pineapple and mango juice!
  • Noni Juice Shot
    It’s a super fruit! Very strong flavor. Antioxidant rich juice.
  • Nitro Coffee
    Ask for coconut milk and chocolate, caramel or Irish cream flavor!
  • Hot Coffee
    Traditional French Press coffee,
  • Purps McGurps
    A delicious, slightly fizzy drink made with Indian Warrior, an herb that relaxes the mind and the muscles.
    $6 - $8
    Talk to kava slinger for more information.
    A crisp, herbal lemonade made from sedative herbs with a long history of use, such as lemon balm, lemon grass, and CBD, CBG, CBN isolate providing relaxation, calmness and general well-being.
  • Fire Cider
    A wake-up call for your taste buds. Great complement to a health-conscious diet. 2oz shot.
    Sparkling Hop Tea with zero calories, non-alcoholic, & 5 flavors.

With a history dating back over 2,000 years and containing many probiotics, Kombucha is made from live bacteria that are fermented with yeast to make this tasty drink. The SCOBY (a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) looks kind of like floating mushrooms, but it’s actually just composed entirely of bacterial cultures.  These bacteria grow alone on top of one another forming their own communities inside our brew that becomes a delicious drink called… wait for it… “KOMBUCHA!” It sounds awesome, right? 

Single tester – $1
New 32oz Growler – $15 (Refill $11)