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Liability Statement

Dear customers,

Due to the bitter taste and numbing sensations of some of our products, we recommend that you consume your beverages slowly to assess your individual sensitivity level and how your body and mind react to our traditional herbal teas.  Some of our products may cause the occasional stomach upset when consumed too quickly, in excess, or in combination with certain foods.  Additionally, certain individuals can be sensitive to some of the ingredients in the beverages served and although rare, can experience an allergic or adverse reaction.  The FDA advises of a rare but potential risk of hepatotoxicity associated with the consumption of kava products. While allergic and adverse reactions are rare, we recommend consulting with your doctor or qualified health professional BEFORE you consume any of our products to see if any product that we serve is safe and appropriate for you to consume.

Do not combine our products with drugs, alcohol, or Rx medications. We do not recommend consuming our products if you have an addictive personality or have ever had dependency issues with drugs, alcohol, or Rx Medications. Some of our products such as Indo Tea™ contain Mitragyna Speciosa, which can be addictive and cause moderate withdrawals lasting 4-7 days or more, if consumed regularly for an extended period.

If you are unfamiliar with any our products, please read our FAQ or visit our reference shelf with 20+ books and publications about the products we serve before making the choice to consume them.  We cannot provide you with medical advice since we are not doctors and therefore cannot tell you if a product is right for you, or your medical condition.  Please consult your physician before consuming our products.

By purchasing or consuming anything sold at the Ohana Kava Bar (“PRODUCTS”), you and your party acknowledge that you’ve read and agree to the full terms and conditions of sale which are made available at the point of sale and at the QR Code below, are 18+ years of age, and have consulted your physician or health care professional about the nature of the products you are consuming and they have determined that they are safe for your to consume.

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