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Kava Strains: The Hawaii Edition, Part 2

Hawaiian kava drinks - kava culture

When you think of Hawaii, what immediately comes to mind?¬† Coconuts?¬† Palm trees?¬† Outsiders to Hawaii most often think of this group of islands as a tourist destination, not a rich traditional culture.¬† So tourists to Hawaii hole up in a resort and drink nothing but beer and martinis‚Ķall the while not realizing that Hawaiian […]

Kava Strains: The Hawaiian Edition

Hawaiian kava - kava drinks

Hawaii, like many Polynesian islands, has a long history of using kava‚ÄĒtraditionally called ‚Äúawa‚ÄĚ by the native population. This state is home to several strains that even seasoned kava drinkers may not be aware of but are worth exploring. Hawaii boasts 13 strains, all of which are suitable for drinking. This article will profile five […]

Understanding the Kava Culture of Fiji

Kava in Fiji - Colorado Springs

The traditional Polynesian drink known as kava is thought to have originated either in Papua New Guinea or the Vanuatu archipelago over three thousand years ago.¬† But today, many other Polynesian cultures have taken root. Now it is consumed all over the South Pacific and the island of Fiji is no exception. As the Polynesian […]