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Kava Strains: The Hawaii Edition, Part 2

Hawaiian kava drinks - kava culture

When you think of Hawaii, what immediately comes to mind?  Coconuts?  Palm trees?  Outsiders to Hawaii most often think of this group of islands as a tourist destination, not a rich traditional culture.  So tourists to Hawaii hole up in a resort and drink nothing but beer and martinis‚Ķall the while not realizing that Hawaiian […]

Understanding Kava Culture: Vanuatu

Kava Culture - Vanuatu

Have you ever wondered where that shell of kava in your hand originally came from? There is one small island in the South Pacific with a unique culture that can rightfully claim kava as its own: Vanuatu.  Where Is Vanuatu? East of Australia sits an archipelago of islands that boasts the greatest number of kava […]