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kava after hiking

Sore from Climbing that Fourteener? Drink Kava for Those Achy Muscles

Sore from Climbing that Fourteener? Drink Kava for Those Achy Muscles

Colorado is well known for its scenic beauty and wide array of outdoor activities. Naturally Coloradans and tourists to Colorado will participate in hiking, mountain climbing, snowboarding, and running, given the state’s vast open spaces and location along the front range of the Rocky Mountains. Engaging in such strenuous activities can often lead to muscle pain and soreness. Doctors normally prescribe muscle relaxants in such cases. But there is a natural remedy for muscle pain that does not require the care of a doctor, a plant that grows in the South Pacific islands, which the natives call kava.

How does this drink accomplish this? Kava contains chemicals called kavalactones. There are 18 different kavalactones in the kava plant, six of which produce 96 percent of its psychoactive effects. Kavalactones have various beneficial effects, including the alleviation of anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

But what even seasoned consumers of kava may not know is that kava can also help ease muscle pain and tension. Kava can help modulate the release of glutamate, which is a neurotransmitter that signals pain sensations, therefore dampening the pain sensation. This effect has been observed in vivo and in vitro according to various studies and has been connected to the kavalactone known as kavain. Studies conducted in the sixties revealed that kava had a muscle relaxing effect on laboratory animals, and further studies on kava extract indicated that kava relaxes skeletal muscle in vitro. Kava shows promise as a viable alternative to conventional analgesics such as Ibuprofen.

Before purchasing kava for muscle pain or any other ailment, it is important to keep in mind that not all kava is created equal, and not all strains of kava are the same. There is often a wide range of variability in the quality of kava found from online vendors, so research is important for consumers who want to make informed choices. Kava should also be consumed responsibly; as mentioned elsewhere on this blog, there have been a handful of DUI cases involving excessive kava consumption. When drinking kava, it helps to also have water handy, as kava is a mild diuretic.

Online vendors aren’t the only avenue to experience the salutary health effects of kava. In Colorado and other states across the country, there are special establishments called kava bars. Kava bars have been increasing in popularity in recent years, and the state of Colorado is no exception. Colorado Springs’ original kava bar is Ohana Kava Bar, named after the word for “family” in the Hawaiian language. If you are ever fortunate enough to live in Colorado Springs or visit the area, please consider stopping by Ohana Kava Bar. Founded in 2015 by Matthew Clark, Ohana provides the highest quality kava in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. If you ever want to experience a bar without the hangovers, come to Ohana Kava Bar. Bula!