Kava Education

What is Kava?

Kava is a beverage made from the roots of a tropical shrub that is cultivated throughout the Pacific Islands for its ability to promote positive well being and pleasant relaxation without affecting mental clarity. Kava is consumed by many Pacific Island cultures including those in Polynesia, Micronesia, and Melanesia and is known by many names including Kava Kava, Awa, Yaqona and Sakau among others.

How many should I drink?

We recommend that new people drink 3-4 traditional shells worth, or 12-16oz of Kava for their first experience. Kava has a reverse tolerance, meaning that the more frequently you consume it, the less that it takes to achieve the desired effects. Also, everyone has a different tolerance. Some people may need more or less. One Kraken is equal to 3 single shells and is a great starting point for most. Take your time, let the kava settle in, listen to your body and relax!


What can I expect Kava to do?

Kava is neither intoxicating like alcohol nor stimulating like coffee. It has a 3,000 years of history of use as a safe and effective way to promote a state of mental well being that is accomplished by marked physical relaxation. Expect to feel relaxes, at peace, and ready to socialize.

Can I drive after drinking Kava?

Kava may cause drowsiness and may therefore temporarily impair your ability to drive. We do not recommend that anyone operate heavy machinery or drive a motor vehicle after drinking kava.

Where does it come from?

Hawaii, Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu, Fiji Papua New Guniea, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, and other minor Pacific Islands.

What are kavalactones?

The 6 major Kavalactones are:

  1. Desmethoxyangonin (Heady and lasts 2 days, called Tudei Kava)
  2. Dihydrokavain (Relaxing/Sedating)
  3. Yangonin (Heady)
  4. Kavain (Happy/Energizing)
  5. Dihydromethysticin (Sedating)
  6. Methysticin (Sedating/Pain Relief)

Kavalactone lineups typically come in 3's. For example, we might say that Kava has a 4-2-6 lineup, which means that Kavain is the most prominent kavalactone in that particular cultivar of Kava. Kavain is a very happy, energizing kavalactone, and is the favorite chemotype of everyone at Ohana Kava Bar!

What is Noni?

Noni is a fruit from the South Pacific. The only fruit in the world that fruits 365 days a year and the more you pick, the more it fruits.

Can I drink Kava if I am drinking alcohol or taking medication?

Please familiar yourself with Kava by visiting our bookshelf to understand its risks and benefits and to make an informed decision if Kava is right for you. if you have any medical condition or are taking ANY medication, we recommend consulting your physician before drinking Kava. We do not recommend the use of Kava for individuals who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or have a history of abusing drugs or alcohol. We reserve the right to refuse service to individuals who we feel are intoxicated, or anyone for any reason at any time.

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